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Vert Anglais – Now With Burgers!

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I just got a note from my friends at the Vert Anglais in Montpellier. In addition to their excellent selections of wine and beers they have started offering hamburgers at night!

This is going to make my next trip there even better!

Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms – Info On The Vert Anglais In Montpellier!

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Hey, after talking with Miss Expatria the other day I started looking around at the links on her Languedoc blog.

While doing so I found a link to the Drunk Ex Pat Writer – where he talks all about The Vert Anglais – my favorite bar in Montpellier.

I figured I’d pass it on!

Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms Finally Talks To Miss Expatria!

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I can’t believe it! I finally got to talk to Miss Expatria the coolest girl in Montpellier!

“Jesse,” I just saw your blog, the Languedoc lassie told me. “I love it!”

Miss Expatria told me she spent the spring in Rome, but is back in Languedoc for the summer.

“I need to hang out in the Comedie and the Vert Anglais,” she said. “Jesse, you know that the Vert terrace is the place to be!”

She said she has some awesome travel writing gigs going, but is spending much of her time just enjoying life in Languedoc.

“My boyfriend bought me a great bottle of rose last night,” she said. “I can’t wait for you to visit so we can actually meet you!”

Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms Vert Anglais Best Bar In Montpellier France

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Hi. It’s Jesse again. I just found a Trazzler post about the Vert Anglais in Montpellier.

If you look at our first entry you’ll see that this is the place that had the best service and the nicest bar owners during our last Languedoc trip.

I just wanted to say “Thanks!” to Jody and Nick – you guys did a great job!

I didn’t try their cocktails, but their wine and city advice was excellent!

Jesse Willms