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Jesse Willms Languedoc Rose Reccomendations

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Hey again. I just stumbled upon this article from the St. Louis Dispatch where they talk about some Languedoc roses.

I asked store manager Dave Davis to recommend two French rosés that he thought would taste very different. He suggested the 2008 Domaine Sainte-Eugénie Rosé selling for $11.99 and the 2008 Château Guiot Rosé selling for $10.99. They are from different parts of France’s Languedoc-Roussillon region and are made from different blends of grapes.

Make no mistake. These are not sweet American white Zinfandels. These are dry, elegant wines that make for excellent summer drinking. And not only did these two wines taste very different, but one was light in color while the other was dark.

The Domaine Sainte-Eugénie was a pale pink. “It looks like something you’d serve at a baby shower,” quipped one of the guests. The Château Guiot was a deep rose color that one of the women described as looking like strawberry juice.

The Domaine Sainte-Eugénie comes from the district Fontfroide in Corbières. This rosé is a blend of Cinsault with small amounts of Syrah and Grenache. The result is a light-bodied, delicate wine that tastes of raspberries, has a touch of mineral and ends with a clean, refreshing citrusy finish. It makes a lovely aperitif and is extremely easy to drink. But don’t get fooled by its innocent color and light body. This wine has a 13 percent level of alcohol, which is about average for table wines.

The Château Guiot is a bit higher in alcohol, 14 percent, and is a blend of mainly

Grenache, with some Syrah and a little Mourvèdre. This wine comes from the Costières de Nîmes appellation, in the area where the Provence, Rhône and Languedoc regions meet around the mouth of the Rhône River.

This aromatic wine is also a bit heavier in body, and as its color suggests, it tastes distinctly of ripe, juicy strawberries. It has a touch of tartness and a crisp, refreshing acidity. It turned out to be a good pair with some of the sweet/spicy appetizers we had, including a fruit salsa served with cinnamon pita chips and a cream cheese spread topped with cayenne-spiced cranberries and orange marmalade. One friend said she’d like to try it with a deep chocolate brownie. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any on hand, but that gives us a perfect excuse to do another tasting.

Jesse Willms