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Jesse Willms Garrigue In The Languedoc Wine

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Hi. It’s Jesse Willms again. I was looking around and found this article about why Languedoc wine tastes so much better than many other well known wines.

Check out what the dude says:

“One of the markers from wines from the Languedoc is the presence of flavors of Garrigue, the different herbs and brush that grow all over the region along with the vines. I always liked that Chateau St. Martin de la Garrigue had that in its name as well as in its wines. The wines of the domaine are from the AOC Coteaux du Languedoc and can be white, rosé or red. They make a few Vin du Pays wines from varietals not permitted in AOC Coteaux du Languedoc, like Chardonnay for a white and a sparkling. Jean Claude and his lovely wife over see a domaine of about 60 hectares (about 150 acres.)

They believe their soil and their proximity to the Mediterranean make the domaine a special place to grow both the vine and olive trees. In fact just in front of the main building a fig tree and an olive tree have grown into one another and it would be impossible separate the two. The olive tree has grown off to one side and the fig to another so that they both can get some sun. ”

Pretty cool, huh?

Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms Languedoc Wine In Montreal Gazzette

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Hi. The Montreal Gazzette just did an interesting article mentioning Languedoc wine.

I figured I’d share it with you.

Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms Article On The Value Of Languedoc Wine

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I just found this article about what a great value Languedoc wine is.

So, I guess I’m not the only one that has been impressed by their plonk!

Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms In Languedoc France

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If you are serious about internet marketing then you know the name Jesse Willms. For years Jesse has been considered one of the most trusted, ethical and successful forces selling high quality goods and services online.

But there is more to Jesse Willms than just making money and socking it away in the bank. What many people don’t know about Jesse Willms is that he is also a dedicated travel lover. When he’s not exploring the Amazon rain forest or learning new and interesting information about dinosaurs, he spends his time in the wine region of France seeking out new vineyards so he can find the ultimate tipple.

In fact, Jesse Willms loves wine so much that a plaque above his desk reads “In Vino Veritas!”

I’ve gone along with Jesse on many of his advetures and we’ve drunk literally dozens of types of red wine.

“I’m not surprised that French wine lovers live longer than Americans or Canadians,” Jesse told me. “If I lived their lifestyle I’d want to live to be 120 years old. I’d never want to die!”

Jesse Willms and I recently took a tour of the Langudoc region of France. While there we not only discovered some great wine – but we also stumbled upon one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Montpellier.

Known as the “City on a Hill” Montpellier has the old world charm of many French cities with a modern youthful feel.

“You can just feel the energy when you walk down the street,” Willms said. “There is a sense of vibrancy that I’ve never found anywhere else.”

When Jesse Willms and I first got to Montpellier we quickly discovered the Vert Anglais brasserie. Run by two British men named Jody and Nick it could not be more delightful.

“I’m not usually a fan of rose wine,” Willms said. “But Nick’s wife, Sarah, suggested I try it out with our lunch and I was blown away.”

I had to agree with Jesse. The flavor was subtle yet crystal clear and seemed to explode in your mouth. It was a true taste sensation for Willms and I.

When Jesse and I explained to them that we were on a quest for the best wine would could find, they pointed us down the quaint Rue St. Guillem where there was a huge regional wine store right across the street from a cheese shop.

“I’d only tasted a few types of Languedoc wine before,” Willms said. “But this place had hundreds to choose from. They even offered us a tasting of some of their preferred regional wines so we could make an informed purchase.”

Jesse Willms and I ended up buying more than a dozen types of wine from the shop.

“I consider it health food,” Willms said. “If red wine can really make you live longer I expect to ring in the 22nd century!”

That night Jesse Willms and I made another remarkable discovery – the Chat Perche restaurant on the street that connects Centre Ville with the Beaux Arts section of town.

Called “The Cat’s Perch” the restaurant is on the roof top of a tall building. That meant that when Willms and I ate our dinner we were able to look out and see the beautiful mountain vistas that surrounded the city.

“Treg magnifique,” was what Willms said as he took in the surroundings. What made this restaurant particularly special to us was that they offered us a different type of wine to go with each of our five courses.

“Many people just order one bottle of wine and drink it with every course,” Willms said. “But these guys explained to us that for every course you need to match your wine perfectly with it. That level of service really made a difference.

After dinner Jesse and I walked back to Centre Ville where we discovered an interesting club called Heaven. It was full of many fashionable men and women. While they did not serve wine, we settled for the excellent local beer and proceeded to dance the night away.

“I couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was,” Willms said. “It was so easy to strike up conversations with everyone. The people were much, much friendlier than Parisians. And, most of the babes and dudes spoke English.”

The only downside to the trip were our visits to two local Irish bars. While they served serveral different types of beer, their wine tasted like plonk.

“I don’t understand how bars located in one of the best wine regions of the world can get away with serving that stuff,” Willms said.

On the other hand Jesse Willms and I also discovered the wonderful wine bar Mi Barrio. Located near the Place St. Roch they had an extensive wine list and the owner, Claude, could not have been nicer to Jesse and I.

“The red we had on our last night was truly exceptional,” Willms said. “It was like dream come true. I’ll savor the taste for the rest of my life!”

Of course this is just one city Jesse Willms and I have visited in France. Stay tuned to this blog and he and I will tell you more of winetastic adventures.