Vert Anglais – Now With Burgers!

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I just got a note from my friends at the Vert Anglais in Montpellier. In addition to their excellent selections of wine and beers they have started offering hamburgers at night!

This is going to make my next trip there even better!

Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms – Info On The Vert Anglais In Montpellier!

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Hey, after talking with Miss Expatria the other day I started looking around at the links on her Languedoc blog.

While doing so I found a link to the Drunk Ex Pat Writer – where he talks all about The Vert Anglais – my favorite bar in Montpellier.

I figured I’d pass it on!

Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms Finally Talks To Miss Expatria!

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I can’t believe it! I finally got to talk to Miss Expatria the coolest girl in Montpellier!

“Jesse,” I just saw your blog, the Languedoc lassie told me. “I love it!”

Miss Expatria told me she spent the spring in Rome, but is back in Languedoc for the summer.

“I need to hang out in the Comedie and the Vert Anglais,” she said. “Jesse, you know that the Vert terrace is the place to be!”

She said she has some awesome travel writing gigs going, but is spending much of her time just enjoying life in Languedoc.

“My boyfriend bought me a great bottle of rose last night,” she said. “I can’t wait for you to visit so we can actually meet you!”

Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms – Syrah Or Shiarz?

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Hey, this article has a great piece on whether you should choose Syrah or Shiarz the next time you are in or around Montpellier in Languedoc, France.

I think you’ll like it!

Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms Ed Ward On Cooking In Languedoc

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Local Montpellier resident and world famous author Ed Ward just posted a great item about cooking in Languedoc.

The stuff he does with eggplants is amazing! And I hear he personally knows Miss Expatria! I’m so jealous!

Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms Languedoc Land Of Beautiful Imperfections

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This is a great article about how beautiful Languedoc is.

“To most, the term Corbières recalls a sultry bottle of Red they purchased at the local corner store – a mere word mixed in with the jargon of some over-zealous wine connoisseur. To those who have ventured into the depths of Southern France, not the glitz of Saint Tropez or the surf camps of Biarritz, but a land on the cusp between France and the Spanish border, the Corbières is a name that will stay etched on their memories forever.

It is by definition a wine region, not a geographical one; however it is referred to as the latter in everyday conversation. The Corbières, situated in the Languedoc Region of south west France, encompasses the city of Carcassonne, stretching down the coast to the Roman city of Narbonne and a little beyond.

Its tumultuous history is marked in particular by the 13th-century Crusades against the Cathars – purists who thought the Catholic Church to be indulgent and whose main difference lay in their belief that the soul should be freed from material things. Legends such as the Holy Grail and the Knights of the Round Table can all be linked to Cathar times.

Thanks to the joys of budget airlines, where a bottle of water is likely to cost more than your seat, countries all over Europe have regular flights, usually at least two a day, which will take you to Carcassonne or Perpignan, both little more than an hour’s drive from the final destination. The roads which take you to it are narrow and treacherous, and the further along them you progress, the further you feel yourself drifting from reality.”

Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms – Great Wine In Nimes

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When Jack Stanton and I visited Montpellier last year, we also took a day trip over to the neighboring city of Nimes. It has a beautiful Roman arena and a friendly, laid back attitude.

We found better wine in Montpellier, but that may be been because we didn’t know where to look.

That’s why I was really happy to discover this article today about some of the great wines of Nimes in Languedoc, France.

It will let me know what to look for on my next visit!

Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms Languedoc Rose Reccomendations

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Hey again. I just stumbled upon this article from the St. Louis Dispatch where they talk about some Languedoc roses.

I asked store manager Dave Davis to recommend two French rosés that he thought would taste very different. He suggested the 2008 Domaine Sainte-Eugénie Rosé selling for $11.99 and the 2008 Château Guiot Rosé selling for $10.99. They are from different parts of France’s Languedoc-Roussillon region and are made from different blends of grapes.

Make no mistake. These are not sweet American white Zinfandels. These are dry, elegant wines that make for excellent summer drinking. And not only did these two wines taste very different, but one was light in color while the other was dark.

The Domaine Sainte-Eugénie was a pale pink. “It looks like something you’d serve at a baby shower,” quipped one of the guests. The Château Guiot was a deep rose color that one of the women described as looking like strawberry juice.

The Domaine Sainte-Eugénie comes from the district Fontfroide in Corbières. This rosé is a blend of Cinsault with small amounts of Syrah and Grenache. The result is a light-bodied, delicate wine that tastes of raspberries, has a touch of mineral and ends with a clean, refreshing citrusy finish. It makes a lovely aperitif and is extremely easy to drink. But don’t get fooled by its innocent color and light body. This wine has a 13 percent level of alcohol, which is about average for table wines.

The Château Guiot is a bit higher in alcohol, 14 percent, and is a blend of mainly

Grenache, with some Syrah and a little Mourvèdre. This wine comes from the Costières de Nîmes appellation, in the area where the Provence, Rhône and Languedoc regions meet around the mouth of the Rhône River.

This aromatic wine is also a bit heavier in body, and as its color suggests, it tastes distinctly of ripe, juicy strawberries. It has a touch of tartness and a crisp, refreshing acidity. It turned out to be a good pair with some of the sweet/spicy appetizers we had, including a fruit salsa served with cinnamon pita chips and a cream cheese spread topped with cayenne-spiced cranberries and orange marmalade. One friend said she’d like to try it with a deep chocolate brownie. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any on hand, but that gives us a perfect excuse to do another tasting.

Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms Garrigue In The Languedoc Wine

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Hi. It’s Jesse Willms again. I was looking around and found this article about why Languedoc wine tastes so much better than many other well known wines.

Check out what the dude says:

“One of the markers from wines from the Languedoc is the presence of flavors of Garrigue, the different herbs and brush that grow all over the region along with the vines. I always liked that Chateau St. Martin de la Garrigue had that in its name as well as in its wines. The wines of the domaine are from the AOC Coteaux du Languedoc and can be white, rosé or red. They make a few Vin du Pays wines from varietals not permitted in AOC Coteaux du Languedoc, like Chardonnay for a white and a sparkling. Jean Claude and his lovely wife over see a domaine of about 60 hectares (about 150 acres.)

They believe their soil and their proximity to the Mediterranean make the domaine a special place to grow both the vine and olive trees. In fact just in front of the main building a fig tree and an olive tree have grown into one another and it would be impossible separate the two. The olive tree has grown off to one side and the fig to another so that they both can get some sun. ”

Pretty cool, huh?

Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms Vert Anglais Best Bar In Montpellier France

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Hi. It’s Jesse again. I just found a Trazzler post about the Vert Anglais in Montpellier.

If you look at our first entry you’ll see that this is the place that had the best service and the nicest bar owners during our last Languedoc trip.

I just wanted to say “Thanks!” to Jody and Nick – you guys did a great job!

I didn’t try their cocktails, but their wine and city advice was excellent!

Jesse Willms